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The company and staff
The company was created in 1984 thanks to the inspiration and tough work of José María Martínez and Ana María Jiménez. Encarna Sánchez also entered the company from the very beginning and short afterwards Juan Antonio Rey joined the three to support this passionate team with lots of cold thinking.

It employs 10 people nowadays. Open-minded, helpful and service oriented, their personal involvement in the job is common to all of them, but their abilities and c.v. are surprisingly varied. Since most of them concentrate in the Incoming Travel Agency Business, their multilingual abilities are very important. In fact Abacco International services can be provided in


As well as in Spanish and Catalan!

ÁBACCO INTERNATIONAL C/Jacint Verdaguer,13 -08902 L'Hospitalet- Barcelona (Spain) Ph:+34 934 315 069 Fax:+34 933 317 263

Ábacco International it is a registered tradename of Viajes Ábacco Tax-Tour, S.A Lic. G.C. 158 Call us with Skype